Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Unusual Beginnings

I don't know the date my locks were started. I don't know when I had my last perm. I don't know when I did my last BC (big chop). I do know I've always had hair and lots of it. (I have a cute picture of me with as a baby with a cute little 'fro that I'll scan one day and post to my blog.) I do know I have been natural most of my adult life. I think we (me and my mom) gave up on perms during my senior year in high school and went back to the good old press and curl. The last time I let some one press my hair with a straightening comb I wondered how I ever let someone do that to my hair as a child. My sisterlocks were started with 6-8 inches of natural hair. I was getting tired of my standard TWA (teeny weeny afro) and was letting my hair grow. I had an appointment for a consultaton that I called to cancelled but the person suggested that I come in and let her put two stranded twists in and set them on perm rods. So I did that and several months later I had her put in my sisterlocks. I do know that it took 2-days to put in my locks. This picture is either me with set two stranded twists or sisterlocks. Most people had no idea I had locked my hair because the twist and the sisterlocks looked so much a like.