Monday, October 09, 2006

Philly Locks Conference

I started this entry way back in October but never got around to completing it until now.

The Philly Locks Conference was a pleasant change from my normal Saturday routine of chores and errands. There were lots of beautiful locks all kinds and lengthes. There was a wide variety of vendors selling everything from clothing to vitamins. Several of the local natural hair care salons were represented and many of them offered styling services and consultations while you were there. There were people offering chair massage and scalp massages. I got to see and feel the Lock Sock (not the LB Soc) and even bought one that I will probably use this winter. I also bought some Crinkles & Curls setting lotion that will maybe encourage me to use the Soft Spike curlers I bought this summer.

The best part was meeting a lovely group of ladies with locks from Boston to DC and having dinner with them. It was a real pleasure. I hope we're able to get together again in the future. I have also posted pictures from the dinner on my fotki site.