Saturday, June 03, 2006

Almost Cut My Locs, Oh Yeah I Did!

Back in January (I think it was January) I got my daughter to spend enough time with me to give me a trim. I have been trimming my locs ever since my consultant told me they were settled. But I never really cut them. It was just a few snips here and there of selected locks that were drastically longer than the others or really scraggily at the ends. I hadn't done this for awhile and some time in the late fall or winter I went to give myself a trim and my locks were too long for me to deal with. But in January what I really wanted was not just a few snips here and there but a shortening of the over all length. Now I know some of you might just ask why didn't she just go to a salon or have her consultant do it. My consultant only does sisterlocks, nothing else. No wash, no color, no style, no cuts, just installation of locks, repairs and retightening. She is excellent at what she does. After paying my consultant every month I just couldn't seem to come up with the money to go to a salon to have my hair washed and cut so I grabbed my daughter, gave her the scissors and said cut some off. Her question was how much. A couple of inches was my response. When we finished 4-6 inches was the result. My head felt lighter. It was good.

Do I miss my length? Yes and no. Yes, because having hair almost to my waist butt was a milestone for me. No, because my ponytail was getting heavy and that is my favorite way to wear my hair in the middle of the summer when it’s really hot and humid. I know to some it just doesn’t make sense to cut their locs but to me cutting hair, be it locked or loose, makes perfect sense. If it’s too long for your liking cut it. If you want it to grow longer don’t cut it. It’s all vanity anyway.