Saturday, July 07, 2007

Cruising -- Mother's Day Surprise Realized

Here we are leaving Tampa on the way to Cozumel. We go under the Sunshine bridge!

When we docked in Cozumel we took a ferry to Playa del Carmen then took a bus to Tulum. We explored the ruins and spent some time in the ocean. Loved the white sand and blue water.

Somebody had a good time. I think little man enjoyed the cruise more than anyone else. He spent lots of time at Camp Carnival and went swimming every day.

Dinner was always enjoyable. The food was good and the service was great. Best of all no clean up. And it was a joy to have someone else make my bed every day and turn my bed down every night.

At the end someone didn't want to go home.

Monday, June 04, 2007

Your Power Element is Wood

Your power colors: green and brown

Your energy: generative

Your season: spring

Like a tree, you are always growing and changing.
And while your life is dynamic, you are firmly grounded.
You have high morals and great confidence in yourself and others.
You have a wide set of interests, and you make for intersting company.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Mother's Day Surprise

This is a picture of my daughter with her son from a few years ago. My daughter has turned into a beautiful woman and a lovely mother. There was a time when I truly wondered if this would ever happen but God is good and in the wonder working business.

She asked me back in April to schedule some time off from work but would not tell me why. I had been asking all kinds of questions and trying to catch her off guard to find out what was up for my time off but she just would not give in. I even told her not to call me unless she was going to tell. But she wouldn't and didn't stop calling me either.

On Mother's Day she took me and her mother-in-law out dinner to reveal the surprise vacation. At some point during dinner she gave each of us one of those singing Mother's Day card. I'm sure you've seen the commercial where the family is out to dinner at an elegant resturant and Mom opens the card to James Brown singing "I feel good." Well it wasn't quite that bad because it was a noisy resturant and not an elegant one. Inside of the card was a flyer about a cruise! My daughter is taking me on a cruise to Cozumel Mexico. Well the whole family and both grandmoms are going. But hey, I've never been on a cruise and it's something I've wanted to do.

I've had some interesting Mother's Days with my daughter: from hearing that Mother's Day was just some old Hallmark holiday and that I should be honored on her birthday (that year I wasn't honor on either day); to getting dinner, a cruise and a little shopping trip all in one day.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Interesting to say the least.


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I do have my zany moments. I can put my grandson to sleep. But old??? I don't think of myself as old but I can remember when I thought people who were the age I am now were old.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Five things about me...

1. I played violin in school all through jr. and sr. high schools. I played off and on after that. When I was pregnant I started taking lessons again. As a teenager I dreamed of being studio musician and playing background for groups like the Temptations. I now play for the Lord in my church on select Sundays.

2. One year I played viola in a city-wide youth orchestra.

3. I used to be a semi-famous local poet. I've done open-mic, scheduled reading at local poetry venues and one on-air reading. In my reading and writing days I've rubbed shoulders with Sonia Sanchez, Maya Angelou and Lorene Cary.

4. I've lived in 2 different states PA & UT.

5. I really identify with the ladies who wrote about being shy. I was a shy quiet kid and suffered greatly for it. I was terrified of going to the jr. high I was slated to go to but we moved to a different state and I was greatly relieved. I still had difficulties in jr. high but at least I didn't get beat up every day. I tried to fit in but never really did. People thought I was stuck up but I was just shy and a bit spacey. I found refuge in the jr. high library and later in the public library. I read every black biography I could get my hands on in my school library. I became a voracious reader and started writing. I realized I was different and slowly became more and more comfortable with who I was. When I decided to lock my hair it was never a matter of what others would think but what I felt comfortable doing. One of my aunts once told me they liked my short natural better than my locks but it didn't phase me. I love my aunts, my mother's sisters, but I can only live my own life. I guess you could say I'm strong willed too. I'm still shy and quiet but I still venture out. I'm open to suggestions as to who to tag next. Posted by Picasa