Monday, February 12, 2007

Five things about me...

1. I played violin in school all through jr. and sr. high schools. I played off and on after that. When I was pregnant I started taking lessons again. As a teenager I dreamed of being studio musician and playing background for groups like the Temptations. I now play for the Lord in my church on select Sundays.

2. One year I played viola in a city-wide youth orchestra.

3. I used to be a semi-famous local poet. I've done open-mic, scheduled reading at local poetry venues and one on-air reading. In my reading and writing days I've rubbed shoulders with Sonia Sanchez, Maya Angelou and Lorene Cary.

4. I've lived in 2 different states PA & UT.

5. I really identify with the ladies who wrote about being shy. I was a shy quiet kid and suffered greatly for it. I was terrified of going to the jr. high I was slated to go to but we moved to a different state and I was greatly relieved. I still had difficulties in jr. high but at least I didn't get beat up every day. I tried to fit in but never really did. People thought I was stuck up but I was just shy and a bit spacey. I found refuge in the jr. high library and later in the public library. I read every black biography I could get my hands on in my school library. I became a voracious reader and started writing. I realized I was different and slowly became more and more comfortable with who I was. When I decided to lock my hair it was never a matter of what others would think but what I felt comfortable doing. One of my aunts once told me they liked my short natural better than my locks but it didn't phase me. I love my aunts, my mother's sisters, but I can only live my own life. I guess you could say I'm strong willed too. I'm still shy and quiet but I still venture out. I'm open to suggestions as to who to tag next. Posted by Picasa