Sunday, October 05, 2008

Philadelphia Locks Conference & Dinner 2008

The Philadelphia Locks Conference was this weekend and a great time was had by all. We didn't have as many as we has last year but it was a good time anyway. I met some new ladies (including a newly locked lady) and saw some friends from previous years. The locks were as beautiful as ever. I don't have a lot of pictures because I don't like taking pictures and posting without permission.

I got to see a couple of ladies from Boston that came in previous years.

And of course my friends from Philly who have come for the past three years.

This year I attended the belly dancing workshop. No pictures from that but I had fun dancing with my sisters (no men were allowed). I'm thinking about taking some classes. I need to get this old body moving and would like to do something fun. Who knows it might come in handy if I ever marry again.

We missed seeing Cluizel. I would have loved to see her fabulous growth in person. We missed all the other beautiful ladies that met up with us in the past.

We'll I done posting for another year unless I do something drastic with my hair or unless Sunsail insists.


Naturally Sophia said...

You and everyone else looks lovely. I wish I could have made it. Thanks for the warm birthday wishes!

sunsail said...

QS, send me your email address so i can send you some pictures. Your addy is not in your profile. Thanks!

Quietspirit said...

NS - We missed you too. Maybe next year.

S - I sent you my email

muslimahlocs said...

thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. i just had to stop by and check out your hair. i have been here before but don't think that i left any comments. i think it was a post @ about cutting your hair????? anyway, your hair is gorgeous. hope to see you at the homecoming one day.

brunsli said...

You all look lovely!

And I like the length and styling of your hair. Are we really going to have to wait another year for an update?

S0uthernGirl said...

Everyone looks fantastic. I really wish I could have made it.

cheleski said...


Mary Grace McNamara said...

Wow, a whole blog about HAIR! That is SO totally cool! And it's all SO beautiful too!

I am replying to your comment on my 300th post giveaway. I would love to make you a set of blue cloths! Good luck to you!

MGM said...

Hey there!

I am amazed that there are actually locks conferences!!

Oh my!

Where have I beeeeeen?

I am a chemical-hair devotee right now after having braids in for about seven years.

Peace, blessings and DUNAMIS!